Sunday, 6 August 2017

Use of Video

Videos have been around since forever. Yet some will say that they are out dated or that they are irrelevant in today's day and age, but, deep down, we all know that it's not so. I'm sure a lot of you can still remember a time when you had to rent a video to use in class or even book the video room weeks in advance in order to have a lesson using video.  So much has changed since those days, yet videos are still around even if the way we use them is different. This comes as no surprise though, does it?

  • Are appropriate for different types of learners be they visual, auditory or kinaesthetic
  • Are extremely engaging
  • Are very stimulating
  • Enable learners to collaborate together
  • Allow them to develop their critical thinking skills as well as their creativity
  • Are very helpful in remembering or understanding content

So how can we use video with our learners? Watch the clip below and see for yourself the multitude reasons for using them and how much fun it can be.

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